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DesignPrint Conference

Interior design conference


We invite you to the DesignPrint Conference! Famous architects and textile print specialists will debate the importance of print in decorating living, working, or relaxing spaces.



Digital print in interior design: Transforming spaces through creativity and personalization
  1. Digital wall printing: inspiring spaces with imagination and originality
  2. Custom wallpaper: How to transform an interior through unique design
  3. From furniture to decorative objects: How digital printing technology brings new design opportunities
Ecological print. Sustainability in interior design
  1.  Water-based ink: A sustainable approach to printing for interior design
  2. Recycled materials in interior design: turning waste into decorative elements
  3. Responsible print solutions from the point of view of sustainability: a step towards an eco-friendly design
3D printing and interior design. Opportunities and challenges
  1. Custom furniture through 3D printing: Exploring new dimensions in interior design
  2. Innovative lighting: How 3D printing adds futuristic design elements to interiors
  3. Challenges and prospects of 3D printing in interior design: from concept to reality
Closing session and conclusions


*The conference agenda and speakers are being finalized.

Miruna Ardelean

Architect – interior designer

Oana Vlădilă

Designer Aesthetic Design

Ana Codău


Hamid Nicola Katrib

Architect – interior designer

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